Getting More Out of your Fairy Letters

Getting More Out of your Fairy Letters

One of the reasons why Letters From The Fairies came into being, was the idea that the wonderful world of fairies can help nourish a sense of connection for children.  We all lead super busy lives these days and are constantly bombarded by too much information for our brains to keep up with.  It can be hard to find those little moments to stop, breathe and absorb the magic of the world around us.  Letters From The Fairies might give you the chance to share a moment like that with your little one.  In this blog, I wanted to share some ideas with you for ways to extend the enjoyment of your fairy letters, and help strengthen the connection between yourself, your little one and other special people in their life.

1. Read the letters together.  Make a special point of sitting together and taking the time to share the letter, either reading the letter to them, or if they are able to read, take turns in reading two or three sentences each, and then change.

2.  Ask some follow up questions about the fairy and discuss what the letter's theme is.  For eg, Where does the fairy live?  What does the fairy do?  What is important to this fairy and why? 

3.  Write a letter or postcard to a family member telling them about the fairy letter. 

4. Write a letter to Nature, expressing their appreciation for the beauty of the world around them. They can write to the sun, the moon, or even a tree.

5.  Write a letter back to the fairies

6.  Draw a picture of the fairy and display on the fridge or on the wall.

7. Make a flower or crystal circle, place the letters in the centre and use it as a magical porthole to talk to the fairies.

I hope you are enjoying your Letters From The Fairies!  I'd love to hear other ideas if you have any.  Feel free to email us -

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