The Magic of Fairies and The Benefits of Belief

The Magic of Fairies and The Benefits of Belief

Little girl smiling dressed as a fairy sitting in garden

Fairies are magical beings, known for their kindness, playfulness and compassion for nature and animals.  They've appeared throughout history in many tales from around the world.  And although we may not always be able to see them with our own eyes, they are certainly a part of our human psyche.  

There's no doubt that many children are fascinated by fairies, and for those that are, the benefits of belief in magical beings can have lasting positive effects on them.  So what are some of these benefits of belief?

Imagination and creativity: Believing in fairies can encourage children to use their imagination and creativity. Children who believe in fairies can imagine them in different settings, with different personalities and abilities, which can be a fun and stimulating experience.

Morality and values: Many fairy tales and stories featuring fairies have moral lessons or impart values such as kindness, generosity, and bravery. These stories can help children understand and internalise positive traits and behaviours within themselves.

Cognitive and Emotional development: Believing in fairies can also be comforting and provide a sense of wonder and magic for children. It can help them feel less alone and more connected to the world around them. Some child psychologists say that believing in magical beings can help children develop cognitively and emotionally.  Even if they use their cognitive skills to conclude that they don't believe in something anymore, they may still choose to keep believing, perhaps to help keep the magic alive for younger siblings.  Or maybe just because it's wonderful and fun to believe in magic!

The belief in fairies sure can be a positive influence on children's development, promoting their imagination, emotional well-being, and critical thinking skills.  One way to nurture their belief is through letters from fairies!  

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