International Fairy Day! June 24th

International Fairy Day! June 24th

girls with fairy wings flying in blue sky

International Fairy Day is an annual celebration that takes place on June 24th to honour the magical and mystical world of fairies! The origins of International Fairy Day are unclear, but it's believed to have been started by fairy enthusiasts who wanted to share their love for these magical beings. 

Although there are many ways to honour our fairy friends, I believe one of the main objectives of International Fairy Day is to raise awareness about the importance of nature and the environment. In our Letters From The Fairies fairy letter subscription, many of the fairies write about the importance of caring for nature. Although they also watch over humans, they consider it their absolute duty to protect animals and the environment.  For example, in letter #2, Epona writes about how she helps animals find new homes when trees have been cut down.  In letter #8, Lily the water fairy writes about how she helps keep her beautiful Paradise Lagoon clean from rubbish sometimes left by people. (Check out our Instagram page for snippets of these letters.)

Looking for some ideas on how to bring International Fairy Day into your world?  How about write a letter to a fairy, dress as a fairy, make a flower crown, build a fairy garden, create a fairy circle in your garden with rocks, crystals or leaves, leave out an offering for the fairies, read a story about fairies, write a poem about fairies, draw or paint a fairy, go to a natural place and pick up litter, sit under a tree and talk to the fairies... the list goes on!

International Fairy Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the enchanting world of fairies, promoting environmental conservation, and embracing our sense of wonder and imagination, for us adults too!  It's a day to celebrate the magic and mystique of fairies and to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

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