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"My daughter loves her fairy letters! She's so excited that the fairies are writing to her!"

Belinda, Qld

"So beautiful! My daughter loved it!"

Trish, Vic

"My daughter loves her letter from the fairies. She read me the whole letter and told me all about the next letter and fairy. She is super excited that she gets one every month. Thanks!"

Allan, Vic

"It's sooooooo fun!"

Jim, Canada

"My daughter was very excited to receive her letter and spent the rest of the afternoon building a fairy garden."

Jill, Qld

Why Fairy Letters?

Children love magic. And, children love stories. Letters From The Fairies combines the excitement of receiving your very own letter in the 'snail mail', with the magical insights into the world of fairies.

With one in seven children experiencing a mental health issue these days, Letters From The Fairies aims to help children feel safeloved and inspired.

We hope that the experience of receiving these letters from the fairies will bring much inspiration and joy, which is needed more than ever in the world today.

We post worldwide!

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