What age group is Letters From The Fairies for?

- Of course, Letters From The Fairies is for ALL ages!  However, they have been pitched between ages 3 and 12.  Subscribers around the age of 6 seem to really love the letters! 

Is this just for girls?

- These letters are for children of all genders who like fairies.  Although most of the fairies who write the letters are female fairies, some male fairies appear in the letters too including Florence the flower fairy and Finn the forest fairy. :)

Can I buy this for my grandchild /niece /nephew /neighbour /friend, etc?

- Yes, you can!  Just add the recipient's name and address in the Shipping details section, and your name and address in the Billing details section.  In the Shopping Cart, there is a box where you can add the recipient's name as you'd like it to appear on the envelope.

Do we need a subscription for each child in the household?

If the children are happy to share, then you only need one subscription and you can add all of their names onto the envelope.  If they would prefer their own letter, then subscribe each child separately.    

Do you post internationally?

Yes, we do!  We post from Australia.  Postage is just the cost of a stamp for each letter, and will be added at checkout.  International letter postage ranges between AUD$2.60 and AUD$4 per letter.  Postage within Australia is $1.20. Australian subscribers will receive a custom designed Letters From The Fairies postage stamp.

When are the letters posted?

- All fairy letters will leave our headquarters on the 1st of each month.  Postage times depend on where you live.  If you are within Australia, you can expect to receive your letter between 3-6 business days.  If you are an international subscriber, between 15-25 business days. 

I haven't received my letter yet.  What should I do?

If you subscribed early on in the month, you may have your second subscription payment come out before your first letter has arrived.  This is because all letters are sent on the 1st of the month, and your monthly subscription charge will come out on the same date each month.  If your letter is more than a week past the expected delivery date, please send me an email at hello@lettersfromthefairies and I will check up on it for you. 

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes, you can.  If you have opted for the monthly subscription, you may cancel at any time.  Just find your original order email and click on the Manage my Subscription link.  Here you have the option to pause or cancel your subscription.
- If you have purchased the 12 letter set, please email me at hello@lettersfromthefairies.com, so that we can work out any refund applicable.