Young smiling girl holding a fairy letter

Questions about Fairy Letters...from The Kids!

Little girl holding a fairy letter

Some important questions have arisen from our little fairy letter subscribers that I thought I should share.  Here are some of the FAQ from children about their fairy letters, with answers for the children by me - Zoe Be the Fairyologist! 

Do fairies have computers?

"Fairies don't usually use computers because they prefer to live in nature without any technology.  I help them with all computer tasks, including managing the website and replying to emails, etc.  I'm like an agent for the fairies, and help them with all the boring administrative tasks."

How do fairies have websites and Instagram?! 

"The fairies don't usually have their own websites or Instagram accounts. I take care of this for them.  But they do help inspire me with what to write about on the website, and what photos to post on social media." 

How do the fairies write the letters?

"The fairies individually write one copy of their letter and they deliver it to me. I then print lots of copies, so that they can be posted out to all the subscribers.  It's the most efficient way to do it.  If they had to write every letter by hand, it would take a long time, and they have important work to do, like travelling around taking care of animals and nature."

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions about Letters From The Fairies!  I'd love to answer them for you. - Zoe 


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